Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Just starting

Hello all!  I am beginning to dip my toe into the water of selling products I make!  Just to let you know a little bit about me, I am a stay at home mommy of two sweet toddlers.  I love them dearly and they are my life.  In my free time, however I love to craft.  I have a need to be creative, it is my outlet.  I've recieved a lot of positive feedback from the items I've made so I decided to try to sell them.  The first place I am going to try this is at the Bliss Handmade Boutique (see link  I haven't been accepted yet, I will find out at the end of the month, so here is to hoping I get a spot!

The pictures below are just a sampling of what I've made and will be selling.  Take a look!  If interested in any of it, contact me!  And hopefully I will see you November 10th at the Bliss Handmade Boutique!

I make a lot of jewelry using gemstones, silver over copper wire and findings.  I love making jewelry, I love wearing jewelry and I'm hoping everyone will enjoy what I make too!

I also make earring displays.  They are shabby chic and so fun!  I love them and I'm hoping others will love them too!

And last, but certainly not least, I make hooded towels.  I hated it when I had my babies and within a couple months it seemed like the hooded towels that you purchase from any given store ended up being too small.  So I started making my own and making them for my friend's babies.  Everyone who has received one has LOVED them, so I thought, why not?  Why not make them for so many others to enjoy as well! 

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  1. Go Teresa:) So Proud of you girl! LOVE the towels, and I want 2 earring holders... can I pick colors?:) Love you girl!